Frequently Asked Questions

You and a group of friends, family, or coworkers, will enter a themed room with a back-story. Usually the story requires that you "escape". You will work together to find clues and solve puzzles where the answers may open a lock, cause something to happen, or reveal new information. If you are able to solve all the puzzles within 60 minutes, you will escape the room.
You have up to 60 minutes to play the game. Please arrive 10 minutes early for orientation. Allow about 75-90 minutes for the entire activity.
Price: We charge $20 per person for general admission. $18 Per person for military. $18 Per person for seniors.
Fridays: Fridays in December are currently only $15 per person when you book at least 4 guests in a room for Friday games.
Tax: A 6% Idaho state sales tax is applied to all transactions.
Unlisted times are generally reserved for large groups, team-building, and larger parties or events. Please call (208) 665-5625 to inquire about availability during unlisted times.
If you are running late, please give us a call. Because these are live activities, being late can offset our scheduled games for the entire day. If you are TOO late, we may have to shorten the amount of time you have to play the game.
No. All of our bookings are private, even if you don't book every space in the room. Other guests may be playing in our OTHER games at the same time, but not in the same game as your group.
Our rooms are designed to be played by groups of adults. We recommend all players be over the age of 13. No players under the age of 7. Please know that our current games are typically very challenging for anyone under the age of 17, subject matter may not be appropriate for children, and we recommend that our games be played by adults.
We have LOTS of free and easy parking.
DO NOT BE DRUNK or under the influence of drugs. We have the right to cancel your game on the spot if you are, and there are no refunds in this situation. Our games are absolutely not meant to be played drunk, it isn't safe as there there's a risk of damaging yourself or our props.
We do not consider our rooms to be scary. Riddleston's Final Investigation contains content that some may consider unsuitable for minors under the age of 18. Clues may contain information about various crimes, and props or effects may be considered disturbing to some players, particularly minors. Each participant may have their own opinion as to whether certain subject matter or props are "scary". We do not have intentional jump scares, and there are no live actors in the room.
Your safety is our #1 priority. During our games you are "locked away" but there's always and easy and safe way to get out of the room in any emergency.
Someone needs to reserve the minimum number of spaces for the room, then the others can pay by credit card when you arrive. We can process partial refunds if the person paying the room's deposit only needed to pay for 2 people.
There's an easy way to ask for hints in all our rooms!
Yes, but you will need to book the minimum number of spaces for the room and we recommend 4 or more people. During our Peak Hours the minimum number of spaces that can be booked is 4.
Yes. But only BEFORE you enter the room.
We do not allow photos or videos to be taken inside the room.
We have free lockers, and you hold on to the key.
There are no refunds. However, we will reschedule games if requested 24 hours before the scheduled game time.
Yes. We have a Waiver that everyone will need to read and sign before participating. Click here to read and print our waiver.

Children under the age of 18 must have it signed by a parent or guardian prior to arrival. It can be printed and brought with them, or filled out online by a parent or guardian.