Our Escape Rooms

Radio Station Escape
Radio Station
Number of Players: 2 to 6
All private bookings.
Game Time: Apx. 60 Minutes
You and your friends decided to explore an abandoned radio station that has been offline for decades. It used to be solely operated by DJ Storm, who kept everything locked up with combinations and secret codes. It was also very important to him that certain things were arranged in particular ways. A storm moves in overhead and you hear a nearby volcano rumble - it erupts! The door to the radio station is locked and the windows are boarded up from outside! Now you'll need to use the clues and puzzles left behind by DJ Storm to find another way out of his radio station within 60 minutes or you'll be burred alive in the ash from the volcano!
Riddleston's Final Investigation
Final Investigation
Number of Players: 2 to 8
All private bookings.
Game Time: Apx. 60 Minutes
The city's top detective, Chase Riddleston, has been investigating a recent crime wave, however, he's been a double-agent this whole time! His primary objective was to hide evidence and keep the name of the ringleader a secret from the police. When your group discovered his secret, Riddleston had no choice but to lock you away inside his own private investigation office where nobody would think to find you. On his way out, he called someone to come "take care of the situation!" Do you have what it takes to decode the name of the ringleader, find an escape key, and get out before one of Riddleston's gang comes back for you in just 60 minutes?
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