Escape Rooms at Get Locked Away

Radio Station Escape
Radio Station
Number of Players: 2 to 6
All private bookings.
Apx Difficulty: 6 of 10
Time Limit: Up to 60 Minutes
Your group is alone in the middle of nowhere at the base of the active volcano - Mt. Boom. The mountain groans and a violent storm hits, forcing you to take cover in an abandoned building. Upon going inside, the storm blows the door shut behind you, and it's locked! You're trapped in what appears to be an old radio station that has been offline for years. You only have 60 minutes to puzzle through DJ Storm's clues to find a way into the studio and out the back door within 60 minutes, or you'll all be incinerated by molten lava!
Riddleston's Final Investigation
Final Investigation
Number of Players: 2 to 8
All private bookings.
Apx Difficulty: 7 of 10
Time Limit: Up to 60 Minutes
The city's top detective, Chase Riddleston, has been investigating a recent crime wave, but as it turns out, he's been a double-agent this whole time! His primary objective was to hide evidence and keep the name of the ringleader a secret from the police. When your group found this out, Riddleston had no choice but to lock you away inside his own private investigation office. Do you have what it takes to decode the name of the ringleader and escape before one of Riddleston's gang comes for you in just 60 minutes?
Do you need to book an escape room for your large group, organization, or team?

We can accommodate larger groups and team-building events! Our individual rooms can be configured to support larger groups, and we can run multiple rooms at the same time, plus we have additional time slots reserved for large events that are not listed on our booking website. Please call (208) 665-5625 to book your large group or team-building event in advance.