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Our escape rooms are fun for families, friends, coworkers and couples! Find clues and solve fun puzzles within 60 minutes to escape the room. Book your game online today.

Fun for families, friends, coworkers and couples! Find clues and solve fun puzzles within 60 minutes to escape the room.IT'S OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! ENTER THE DISCOUNT CODE YEARONE TO SAVE 15% WHEN BOOKING ONLINE!
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The Conspiracy Escape Room
The Alien Conspiracy
Cost: $20 Per Person + Tax
Number of Players: 3 to 8
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Your team of conspirators has infiltrated the government's secret headquarters, but the door closed and locked behind you, trapping you all inside! You must now find clues and solve puzzles to escape before the government agents return and capture you!
The Final Investigation
The Final Investigation
Cost: $20 Per Person + Tax
Number of Players: 2, 3 or 4
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
The city is reeling from a crime wave. Chase Riddleston, the lead investigator, got a little too close to identifying the ringleader and was murdered! It's now up to your team to finish what he started, identify the ringleader and stop the next crime from happening!
Date Night Escape
Date Night Escape
Cost: $20 Per Person + Tax
Number of Players: 2
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
You're out on a luxurious date but the concierge accidentally locked away your ticket to the big event, and the key to the room, trapping you both inside! Can you and one other person solve all the puzzles and recover the escape key and make it to the event on time?
A 6% Idaho state sales tax is added to all transactions.

* Our bookings are private which means that if you book a game for your group, it will only be your group playing the room you booked in the time slot it was booked, and you will not be joined by strangers in the same escape room. There still may be guests playing in our OTHER rooms, or in the lobby, at the same time, but not playing in the same room and game as you and your group.

If you would like to book ALL the rooms at once for a private facility party, please contact us.
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Can you escape the room?

At Get Locked Away, our escape rooms are live interactive experiences where groups of friends, family, or coworkers work together to find clues and solve fun puzzles within 60 minutes to escape! Players must find hidden items, explore interesting clues, open locks, use teamwork, and solve fun and challenging puzzles that will lead them to victory - all under the intense pressure of precious seconds ticking away on the clock!


We are in mid-town Coeur d'Alene, 5 minutes from downtown, 0.4 miles from the 4th Street freeway exit, and in the blue and white buildings across the street from the US Bank on 3rd Street. 1621 N 3rd Street, Suite 500, Coeur d'Alene, ID.