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Find clues & solve puzzles to escape the room within 60 minutes!
For families, friends, co-workers and couples.

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The Alien Conspiracy Escape Room
The Alien Conspiracy
Cost: $20 Per Person
Number of Players: 2 to 6
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Difficulty: 4/5
You are members of a secret government agency dedicated to tracking and monitoring everything extraterrestrial. However, it turns out that one of your members was secretly an alien spy and defected! Upon doing so, it triggered the lock down and self-destruct mechanism within your headquarters with all of you trapped inside! You must now use the clues and puzzles around you to find the hidden key and escape before time runs out! Can you and your friends escape within 60 minutes, or will the Aliens win?
Date Night Escape
Date Night Escape
Cost: $16 Per Person
Number of Players: 2 Only
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Difficulty: 3/5
In this fun escape room designed for 2 people, you and your date must find clues and solve all the puzzles to unlock your ticket and find the key to escape to make it to the big event within 60 minutes! Can you work together and escape?

We try to update percentages and best times weekly, but they change often.
The times posted are the best times recorded with zero hints. Most teams do NOT complete the rooms.

A 6% Idaho state sales tax is added to all transactions plus a 5% convenience fee by our booking provider Zozi.

Can you escape the room?

It's so much fun to play our escape room games in Coeur d'Alene!

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What is an escape room?

At Get Locked Away, our escape rooms are live interactive experiences where groups of friends, family, and/or coworkers work together to find clues and solve fun puzzles within 60 minutes to escape! Players must find hidden items, explore interesting clues, open locks, use teamwork, and solve fun puzzling challenges that will help lead them to victory - all under the intense pressure of the seconds on the clock ticking away!

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Our Location

We are located in mid-town Coeur d'Alene, at the corner of 3rd Street and Spruce, 0.4 miles from the 4th St Freeway Exit and across 3rd Street from the US Bank.

Google Map Us:
1621 N 3rd Street, Suite 500, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

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General Information

With your group of friends, family, or coworkers, you will work together to find clues, solve puzzling challenges, and open locks in order to progress through the game to "escape" and win. Each room has its own unique theme, story, and puzzles. It's a lot of fun!



You will arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your start time, read and sign the waiver, we'll do a short orientation, take you into the room, point out a few more things, then give you the back-story and objective for your adventure. Then you have 60 minutes to complete all the challenges in the room!!!

You will play with your friends as a team to escape.

Don't worry about getting stuck on a challenge or puzzle, you can ask for an extra hint from the friendly staff. We won't solve the puzzles for you unless everyone in the room unanimously agrees.

During this time, you'll look everywhere for clues, you'll solve puzzles, open locks, and discover new information.

Solving the challenges can be quite thrilling, and with the clock ticking away, it's very intense.

The Alien Conspiracy
$20 Per Person + Taxes & Fees
For 2 to 6 players.

Date Night Escape
$16 Per Person + Taxes & Fees
For 2 people only.

You must book your time online or over the phone, we cannot accept walk-ins.

Arrive 15 minutes early to sign our waiver and for your quick orientation.

It wouldn't be a game if you couldn't lose, our rooms are challenging, and most teams do not complete all the challenges in 60 minutes.

Please do not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you arrive.

All players should be over the age of 13 due to the difficulty of the puzzles in the room and MUST be over the age of 11 to participate.

For groups where everyone is under the age of 18, we now require that one of the participants in the room be a parent or adult supervisor over the age of 21.

Our rooms are not scary, haunted, nor do they have intentional jump-scares.

The story lines for our current rooms do not require that we lock anyone in a room, so you are not physically locked or trapped in a room.

We do not allow photos, videos, or posts to social media from within the room.

We will not cancel or refund a booking, but we do offer the option to reschedule if you cancel 72 hours or more in advance.

How we handle private parties:

All bookings are public until all 6 spaces have been filled. If you have a party of 4-6 and do not want anyone else to join your group, contact us immediately after making your booking, and we will do our best to accommodate you if possible in the room and time you have chosen, though we cannot guarantee private parties until we have spoken with you and we manually update your booking. Other guests may still be playing in our other rooms even if your room is private to your group.

Please email us regarding our "private party" options for groups of 4 or more people, or if you wish to schedule a birthday or office party.

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Call us at 208-665-5625, email, or email us using the form below:

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