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Employment Opportunities - We are hiring!

Position: Gamemaster
Hours: Part-Time (Apx 10-15 hours per week)
Wage: Starts at $10 per hour
Send Resume To:

Job Description:

Get Locked Away is growing, and we are looking for exceptional Gamemasters available to work part-time, starting at $10 per hour!

Hours may vary. Weekend and weekday hours available.

Applicant requirements:

- Have amazing customer service skills!
- Be on time for work.
- Have excellent public speaking ability.
- Be willing to do small amounts of acting.
- Be VERY attentive to detail.
- Have an excellent memory for resets.
- Be able to make quick decisions.
- Be a problem solver.
- Should be rather good at solving puzzles, doing math, reading, and have good penmanship for clue writing.
- We communicate about shifts via phone or text, applicant must be willing to be responsive in a timely manner.
- Some games will start on short notice during time periods when applicant says they are available. We may have 2 hour booking windows when there are no games, and 1 hour or less when staff is on-site.
- Technical knowledge of computers and social media a plus.
- Trustworthy.
- Keeps things clean and organized.
- Always able to be cheerful and positive when working with customers.

Job duties include:

- Acting as host and greeter to our customers.
- Confirming and updating reservations.
- Following procedure to check-in guests.
- Providing video and verbal orientation.
- Presenting a story to customers before games.
- Attentively monitoring games in progress.
- Providing clues throughout the games.
- Attending to customer needs during the activity.
- Tending to customers after their game.
- Taking group photos and coordinating digital photo delivery.
- Posting of photos and teams to social media.
- Resetting rooms perfectly.
- Do minor repairs in rooms when needed.
- Clean rooms regularly.
- Clean lobby and make sure bathrooms are clean.
- Communicate with customers in person and over the phone.
- Contacting customers who may be running late.
- Other duties

We are a drug-free workplace, and an equal opportunity employer.

Please send resumes to or via private message on our Facebook page.