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Riddleston's Final Investigation
Riddleston's Final Investigation
Cost: $20 Per Person + Tax
Number of Players: 2 to 4
Recommended: 3-4 People
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Investigator Chase Riddleston said he could finally name the ringleader in a recent crime wave! But before he could tell anyone, he was murdered! Just as he suspected, there was a mole in the department. To protect the details of the case, he secured everything with locks, puzzles, and codes. Plus, if anyone enters his office to steal the information, they'll be trapped inside. Your team of undercover FBI agents must infiltrate his office, crack the codes and escape with the identity of the ringleader before the local police, and the mole, arrive in 60 minutes!
The Conspiracy Escape Room
The Alien Conspiracy
Cost: $20 Per Person + Tax
Number of Players: 3 to 6
Recommended: 4-6 People
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Your team is about the sneak into the Alien Conspirators' headquarters to confiscate a case containing secrets that aliens existing and they are living with us here on earth. However, upon entering the room, the door suddenly closed and locked behind you, and you won't be able to get out unless you crack the code! You'll need to locate the case with the secrets and escape, but you need to hurry because the conspirators will be back in 60 minutes!
Some crouching and crawling are required to access parts of this game.
A 6% Idaho state sales tax is added to all transactions.

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